Let’s Party

Dearest Internet Friends,

I do apologize for my lax in posting. Things in Hydria have required my focus to shift elsewhere lately, but I’m back, and ready to party. And I do mean that quite literally.

Jacque and I discussed a fabulous idea earlier today. Two words: Beach rave.

You might be wondering how we came to this conclusion. Well, I’m here to enlighten you. Teaching is my strength, after all.

First, a beach is the perfect party location because clothing is optional. Rolling waves provide a certain seductive element, and the low hanging moon and stars adds an additional layer of romance for those who require it.

Second, rhythmic sounds insight lust. The heavier the better, and electronic dance music, or EDM, is notorious for its hypnotic beats. The right music creates a heady atmosphere that translates well to the bedroom, inspiring all manner of fantasies and indecent thoughts. Trust me, as a mind reader, that last part is more than true.

Third, see the items above, and imagine an erotic gathering in Hydria with several hundred semi-clad immortals. Mmm, delicious.

Have I painted a picture? Because that’s our agenda for tonight. I just need to find a few important items before we begin. Jacque is teleporting in the sound equipment, lights, body paint, and edible items. My list includes essential oils, two scarves, some rope, and a bucket. I’d go into more detail, but you’re not ready yet. One day, my internet friends, one day.

That’s all for now, but I promise to check in again soon. I’m thinking another interview with one of my fellow Hydraians, or maybe I’ll track down Wakefield for a few comments. They might not be from his mouth so much as his mind, but they’ll be interesting nonetheless.

Later loves,


Let the party begin…





Introducing Jayson Masters

Hello There,

Today on the blog I’m interviewing my good friend and fellow Elder, Jayson Masters.  I call him J for short, others call him Jay, and the female population refers to him frequently as Oh God.  He had an excellent teacher, ladies.  Me.

B:  Welcome to my blog.  Please introduce yourself to the internet.

J:  Hi “internet”.  I’m Jayson, call me Jay.  Oh, they know about us right?

B:  We’ve had the immortals exist conversation, yes.

J:  Cool.  So yeah, I’m a Hydraian, one of the oldest, known as an Elder here on the island, and I have a few interesting talents that extend well to the bedroom.

B:  Excellent segue.  Shall we get started with the basics?

J:  Yup.  Hit me with it.

B:  Favorite position?

J:  Any and all of the above.

B:  Of course, but if you had to choose one, what would it be?

J:  I should be allowed to choose two, but to make you happy, I’ll go with the curled angel. Women seem to love it.

B:  Hmm, yes, I’m picturing a ménage à trois in that position.  Definitely perfect for a man who can be in two places at once.  But moving on from that fantasy, describe your ideal bed partner.

J:  The three F’s: Flexible, fun and fanciful.

B:  Femme fatale?

J:  Obviously.

B:  Any particular look you prefer over others?

J:  I’m a sucker for a hot redhead.

B:  I know a few.

J:  Let me rephrase.  A hot redhead you haven’t taken to bed.

B:  Yes, I would worry about me as competition as well, but back to the task at hand, favorite food in bed?

J:  I don’t consider you competition and pizza.

B:  With a response like that, I can see why you don’t consider me competition.  I’m clearly way beyond your league.  Pizza, J?

J:  I believe you’re the one who says all food can be sexy if you apply it right.

B:  And I stand by that rule, but come on man, any food in bed and you pick pizza?

J:  Okay, more specifically, man pizza.

B:  I don’t even know what to do with that.  Last question.  Ideal date?  And do not say an Italian restaurant or I will send you back to training school.

J:  You wish you could send me back, and Rome is the perfect locale for a date.  Excluding that, my ideal date would be at home.  A romantic dinner and wine in close proximity to the pool and my bedroom.  Perfect for any activity she’s into, dessert included.

B:  You would probably make pizza.

J:  Dude, you love my homemade pizza.

B:  I don’t want it in my bed.

J:  Because you’re clearly not doing it right.

B:  Yeah, next time I’m interviewing Luc.  He’s far more inventive.

J:  He’ll just say waffles.

B:  Yes, and syrup is a delicious bed component.

J:  I won’t argue that.

B:  Good.  At least we agree on something.  By the way, I’m posting that picture of you and Clara from Wakefield’s gala last year.  It’s hot and I like it more than your pool profile photo.

J:  Still can’t find one of me shirtless?

B:  Oh I have several, but I like a little mystery.

And Ladies, just a hint, you’ll love what’s beneath the clothes.

That’s all for now, friends.  Until next time, misbehave and indulge in your deepest desires.  Post pictures.