Hello There,

Today on the blog I’m interviewing my good friend and fellow Elder, Jayson Masters.  I call him J for short, others call him Jay, and the female population refers to him frequently as Oh God.  He had an excellent teacher, ladies.  Me.

B:  Welcome to my blog.  Please introduce yourself to the internet.

J:  Hi “internet”.  I’m Jayson, call me Jay.  Oh, they know about us right?

B:  We’ve had the immortals exist conversation, yes.

J:  Cool.  So yeah, I’m a Hydraian, one of the oldest, known as an Elder here on the island, and I have a few interesting talents that extend well to the bedroom.

B:  Excellent segue.  Shall we get started with the basics?

J:  Yup.  Hit me with it.

B:  Favorite position?

J:  Any and all of the above.

B:  Of course, but if you had to choose one, what would it be?

J:  I should be allowed to choose two, but to make you happy, I’ll go with the curled angel. Women seem to love it.

B:  Hmm, yes, I’m picturing a ménage à trois in that position.  Definitely perfect for a man who can be in two places at once.  But moving on from that fantasy, describe your ideal bed partner.

J:  The three F’s: Flexible, fun and fanciful.

B:  Femme fatale?

J:  Obviously.

B:  Any particular look you prefer over others?

J:  I’m a sucker for a hot redhead.

B:  I know a few.

J:  Let me rephrase.  A hot redhead you haven’t taken to bed.

B:  Yes, I would worry about me as competition as well, but back to the task at hand, favorite food in bed?

J:  I don’t consider you competition and pizza.

B:  With a response like that, I can see why you don’t consider me competition.  I’m clearly way beyond your league.  Pizza, J?

J:  I believe you’re the one who says all food can be sexy if you apply it right.

B:  And I stand by that rule, but come on man, any food in bed and you pick pizza?

J:  Okay, more specifically, man pizza.

B:  I don’t even know what to do with that.  Last question.  Ideal date?  And do not say an Italian restaurant or I will send you back to training school.

J:  You wish you could send me back, and Rome is the perfect locale for a date.  Excluding that, my ideal date would be at home.  A romantic dinner and wine in close proximity to the pool and my bedroom.  Perfect for any activity she’s into, dessert included.

B:  You would probably make pizza.

J:  Dude, you love my homemade pizza.

B:  I don’t want it in my bed.

J:  Because you’re clearly not doing it right.

B:  Yeah, next time I’m interviewing Luc.  He’s far more inventive.

J:  He’ll just say waffles.

B:  Yes, and syrup is a delicious bed component.

J:  I won’t argue that.

B:  Good.  At least we agree on something.  By the way, I’m posting that picture of you and Clara from Wakefield’s gala last year.  It’s hot and I like it more than your pool profile photo.

J:  Still can’t find one of me shirtless?

B:  Oh I have several, but I like a little mystery.

And Ladies, just a hint, you’ll love what’s beneath the clothes.

That’s all for now, friends.  Until next time, misbehave and indulge in your deepest desires.  Post pictures.



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