Ungrateful CEOs

Oh Hello,

Deep apologies to my internet friends for the delay in posting.  Halloween in Hydria is a busy time.  Our celebrations start the week before and go well into the days following.  It’s a fantastic time of year filled with scandalous costumes, mischievous behavior and sinful delights.  My sexy pirate costume didn’t last long, which was of course the purpose, but next year I’m going to include more fabric in my design.  It can be oh so useful in the bedroom when entertaining multiple parties and there just wasn’t enough to go around this year.  I blame Ash.  Her proclivity for fire destroyed a perfectly good blindfold.

As is tradition, I ventured to New York City after the holidays to visit my favorite Ichorian.  I stopped by Wakefield Pharmaceuticals first to chat with a certain CEO, but he was stuck in meetings.  So I took it upon myself to entertain his receptionist.  The poor girl’s thoughts radiated a frustration that required a personal touch I quickly granted.  And wouldn’t you know her ungrateful CEO of a boss frowned upon it?  I mean, it’s not my fault the woman didn’t have her own private office.  I used what was available, which happened to be the vacant executive suite.  The gratitude I expected for my efforts turned into a chastisement that was truly unbecoming of a man in power.

This brings me to my advice for today:  Give your receptionist an office.  She works hard, deals with a variety of moods and assignments, and deserves a few moments of pleasure and relaxation during the work day in the peace of her own space.  If you don’t grant her this small comfort, then don’t blame others when she uses your vacant office to seek what she desperately needs.

After my unfortunate visit with the ungrateful ass of a CEO, I spent the afternoon and evening with more understanding company.  There were several new locals to explore and Tristan was the man to show me the ropes.  I captured the below photo of him after one of the clubs.  He lost his shirt to a redhead and opted to leave it as a souvenir because that’s what a gentleman does.  If only certain CEOs could be as well mannered as Tristan.  Ah, well, we’ll get there one day.

That’s all for now, loves.  Enjoy your week and I’ll be in touch very soon.

<3 B

Tristan a.k.a. My Favorite Ichorian

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